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Anxiety is a complex feeling of apprehension, fear, and worry often accompanied by physical sensations. It is a constant and dominating force that severely disrupts the quality and enjoyment of people’s lives and goes far beyond mere occasional nervousness.

Anxiety is a disorder that may make you feel anxious most of the time, without any apparent reason. Or the anxious feelings may be so uncomfortable that to avoid them you may stop some everyday activities. Or you may have occasional bouts of anxiety so intense they terrify and immobilize you.

Anxiety disorders alone affect more than 19 million American's each year. Both anxiety and depressive illnesses are severe, chronic and extremely impairing to the individuals who are affected by them. Furthermore, they can have a devastating effect on the family members of those suffering from anxiety and depression.

Anxiety is a feeling of unease. Everybody experiences it when faced with a stressful situation, for example before an exam or an interview, or during a worrying time such as illness. It is normal to feel anxious when facing something difficult or dangerous and mild anxiety can be a positive and useful experience. However, excessive anxiety is often associated with other psychiatric conditions, such as depression. If your feel that you need more information or assistance in this case, please contact us at Eastside Comprehensive Medical Center.

Anxiety could be characterized by symptoms such as:

1. Abdominal discomfort
2. Diarrhea or frequent urination
3. Dry mouth
4. Rapid heartbeat or palpitations
5. Tightness or pain in chest
6. Shortness of breath
7. Dizziness
8. Difficulty swallowing
9. Insomnia
10. Irritability or anger and inability to concentrate
11. Fear of madness and feeling unreal and not in control of your actions.

If you believe that one or more of the symptoms mentioned before describes your present situation, or the situation of someone you know, please contact us at Eastside comprehensive medical center and let us help you find out more about it.

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